Thursday, February 28, 2013


Over the semester break I was lucky enough to have access to a great studio, and with one of my most used models, worked on a concept she had wanted to do for sometime. I called the shoot anér-gyné which is where the word androgyny came from, meaning women-man. We shot Demolita in a "fashion" version of neither sex. This shoot was interesting as we never really have trouble with movement, Demolita usually moves well and I need to direct her little. However for this we both had to learn how to make a position look "manly" but not comedic. We then had Simon Bull, our talented hair and make up artist, change Demolita into the opposite, and go very girly. We have shot Demolita as a women before but not ultra girly. We got the pretty dresses out, poofed up hair, and the fan going. I was happy with both results. 

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